Your Ground Round Player of the Week goes to your assistant captain #19, F, CONNOR HUTCHINS! Connor is the son of Craig and Joni Hutchins of North Richland Hills, Texas. Connor has been with the Blizzard this entire season. Playing 30 games and securing 9 points. In his previous season Connor has played in Dallas, Detroit, and Colorado Springs.

                Connor, known as Hutch by the boys, enjoys playing golf outside of hockey. In the summer he likes to go to the lake and wakeboard. His dream job is to be a professional golfer. Connor has been playing hockey since he was 4 years old. His favorite NHL team is the Dallas Stars. Connor likes the color purple, loves Mexican Food, and his favorite movie is 8 Seconds.

                Hutchins wants to further his career in the NAHL then go on to playing hockey for a NCAA school. He also noted that this season he would like to see his team come together and make the playoffs. Come to the game this Friday and support Hutchins and the boys in seeking a win over the Bobcats!