Your Ground Round Player of the Week is, forward, no. 26 GARRET ELMORE! The Brentwood, Tennessee native is making a good name from himself in the land of the Blizzard. Garret, the son of Steve and Kim, has been with the Blizzard this whole season.

                Hockey has been a part of Garrett’s life since the age of 4. When Garrett isn’t playing hockey he loves to play the guitar and loves to go lift with the boys. Before Garrett was a Blizzard for the 2014-15 season he was with the Springfield Jr. Blues and the TPH Thunder. Garrett has played 17 games here in Brookings. Missing a whopping 17 games due to puck fracturing his hand.

                Garrett’s favorite NHL ream is the Nashville Predators. His favorite hockey achievement was placing 3rd at USA national’s midget minors. After Juniors Garrett would like to play college hockey. However, his dream job is to be famous musician. Come to this Friday’s game and get Garrett’s player card!