Our Ground Round Player of the week this week is #30, Goalie, RYAN KUUUBBICC! Ryan Kubic, 16, is the son of Tracy and Trevor Kubic. The St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada native came to the land of the Blizzard in November after her was with the Vancouver Giants. Ryan has been playing hockey since the age of four. Before Ryan came to Brookings, he played for Team Canada at the U17 World Challenge.

Kubic has played 12 games with the Blizzard, winning 4 losing 4 and recording 4 shootout losses. Ryan is young and has already made a difference on the team. We asked Ryan what his goal is for the season and his response was, “to become a better goalie every day and a better person and help the team get some wins.” Hockey is a large part of Ryan's life. His favorite NHL team is the Montreal Canadians and his dream job is to be a goalie in the NHL.

We are very thankful to have this young, talented, driven goalie on our team, as he has made a large difference on this year's Blizzard team. Be sure to join us this Friday the 9th to cheer on Kubic as he and the rest of the team take on the Bobcats.